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Top 10 Yoga Poses For Beginners

The benefits of yoga are countless – from widening and firming the body to soothing the mind and promoting reduction. Like any physical activity, grasping the practice can take long years – but there are lots of yoga poses for beginners that people of any neck and neck can try and relish. Each of these poses has its own distinctive challenges and benefits, and can be performed alone or as part of a sequence. Thus, put on some comfortable attire, lay down a mat and practice some yoga in your life. Namaste!



HOW TO PERFORM IT: Stand with your feet together, touching the toes and heels little detached. Spread your weight consistently via your feet and boost through the peak of your head. Tug your shoulders back and down and inhale easy.

BENEFITS: Balance, tolerance, and getting your attention always.



SANSKRIT WORD: Adho Mukha Svanasana
HOW TO PERFORM IT: Climb down on all fours and then move your hands frontward a little. Fold your toes and raise your hips up and backbone, firming your legs if you can. Press your palms into the floor, swap your shoulders away and involve your thigh muscles.

BENEFITS: Shoulder opening, spine expansion, leg widening and soothing the mind.



SANSKRIT WORD: Virabhadrasana II
HOW TO PERFORM IT: Stand with your feet extensive at a distance and move your right foot out 90 degrees with the arch harmonized with the heel of your obverse foot. Curve your left knee to a 90 degree angle, retaining it in line with your foot. Expanse through your back leg and press your back foot into the earth. Bring both arms up to shoulder high, hold onto your shoulders down, and stare softly over your front fingers. Hold for five slow, stable breaths and do repeat on the other side.

BENEFITS: Fortifies the leg muscles and calming the mind.



SANSKRIT WORD: Trikonasana
HOW TO PERFORM IT: Stand with feet extensive at a distance, left foot little in and right foot curved to 90 degrees. Extent arms wide at shoulder altitude, and spread over your right leg to the extent that you can. Leave foot hand to the front ankle or wherever you can without twisting the back. Hold for five breaths and do repeat on the other side.

BENEFITS: Stimulates balance, expanses legs and both sides of the back.



HOW TO PERFORM IT: Start in mountain poses, then curve one knee and set it on either the inward thigh or below the knee. Hold your hands in forward-facing of you in prayer point and set your stare on one spot right in front of you. Hold for 10 inhalations and do repeat on the other side.

BENEFITS: Help in improving the concentration.



SANSKRIT WORD: Baddha Konasana
HOW TO PERFORM IT: Sit on the floor with knees curved and the soles of the feet moving. Allow your knees descent to the side. Hold your feet and lean onward as much as you can without twisting the back.

BENEFITS: Widening and firming the inner thighs and mole muscles, soothing the mind.



SANSKRIT WORD: Eka pada rajakapotasana
HOW TO PERFORM IT: Just begin in plank position, with your palms straight under your shoulders and legs straight. Bring your left knee directly behind your left arm and your left foot behind your right arm, and lower your hips to the floor. Press deeply through the hands and sit back with your chest exposed, then lower to the floor for a profound bounce. Do repeat on the right side.

BENEFITS: Opens the shoulders, chest and quad muscles and boosts persistence.



HOW TO PERFORM IT: Sit standing on your heels, move your trunk onwards and rest your head on the mat in forward-facing of you. Spread your arms onward and descend your torso into your knees. Inhale intensely and release into the pose.

BENEFITS: Deep reduction, expanses the hips and thighs, releases the back and neck.



SANSKRIT WORD: Nadi sodhana
HOW TO PERFORM IT: Find a relaxed seated position and take a few profound inhalations. Rest your left hand on your left knee, and get the right hand to the nose. First of all, shield the left nostril with your pinkie finger and breathe through the right nostril and do it four times. Hold the breath for four, then breathe out through the left nostril by covering the right nostril with the thumb. Breathe through the left nostril, hold for four then change fingers and release through the right nostril. Repeat this possess for 20 breaths or unless you feel calm and clear-headed.

BENEFITS: Let go anxiety and worry, comforts headaches and wipes the lymphatic system.



HOW TO PERFORM IT: Place on your back, with the legs little detached and the feet on the loose to the side. Set your arms at your sides with the palms fronting up. Close your eyes and ease, keeping your consideration on freeing every part of your body.

BENEFITS: Eases the mind, lets the body to engross the benefits of the yoga practice.


The 10 tips will definitely help the beginners to practice yoga effectively.

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