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Men’s fashion 2018

There are apparently never-ending drips of new outs and new ins in the fashion trends, that’s why it is hard to stay up to date with the latest fashion trends, it’s tough for your wardrobe and wallet to stay up to date with day latest men fashion.

But fear not because I will be explaining to you what you should wear in order to stay up to date with the latest trends in men fashion to be at your best.

Here are some of the styling tips for you that you can totally rock in 2018.



Wide leg trousers

The wide leg trouser goes well with any upper wear whether that’s hoodies or coats. After being in the runner-up for years, trousers have reached the mainstream of fashion. Trousers trend started picking up in 2016 and now it is at its peak in 2018. There is no need to go full slim shady with the trousers; a straight leg trouser is a good choice. Choose a trouser with a weight like a wool mix; it will give a smarter look.



One color outfit

The one color outfit trend was huge in 2017, and it will stay the same for the years to come. Many well-known designers and brands have incorporated this one color outfit fashion on their clothing collections. Wearing the monochrome with different color shoes will definitely make you stand out in the crowd, in a good way.




The waistcoat is one of the most elegant menswear; you can rock it in any ethnic occasions, you can wear a waistcoat along with sherwani, it goes well with plain, patterned and embroidered sherwani. It looks magnificent with colorful jootis and churidar pants.

If you want to look up to date on fashion in your workplace then here is a list of some of the international workwear that have been adopted by Indian men’s and many other Asian countries



Sneakers with suits

It would’ve been considered business blasphemy if you wore a suit without the formal lace-ups few years ago. But now sneakers with suits are now become a mainstream fashion, worldwide. But if you are a lawyer or banker then it is better if you stay from this trend, it’s a different story if you are heading to the bar after your work then you can wear your sneakers with suits if you wish to look good there. If your workplace allows casual wear then you can totally rock this look without any worries.

Well these are some of my suggestions on how you can stay up to date with current fashion, but keep in mind as I mentioned at the beginning of this discussion fashion keeps on changing with the passage of time, that is why it is better to follow some other men’s fashion threads to stay updated with the changing fashion. For now, these suggestions I have given you should be enough to keep you up to date for a few years.


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