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Millions of tourist and travelers from all around the globe visit the city of Agra to witness the beauty of the taj mahal (one of the Seven Wonders of the World). Taj Mahal is also known as the symbol of love because the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan built it in the memories of his wife Mumtaz Mahal.

If you are thinking taj mahal is the only place worth visiting in the city of Agra then you are gravely mistaken. Agra has a lot to offer it is a feast for any travel enthusiast. There are many other great destinations and activities you can do here.  Now I am going to tell you about all the destinations and activities you can do here to make your Agra tour an unforgettable experience.

Here is a list of destination which you can visit in the city of Agra aside from the taj mahal:


Agra Fort

You just can’t overlook this fantastic Fort if you are visiting Taj Mahal. Made entirely from the red sandstone this monument is located in the bank of holy river Yamuna just 2.5 kilometers away from the taj mahal. Inside this fort, there are a lot of beautiful gardens. It is said that this fort is connected through a lot of underground tunnels. It takes you back to the ancient times (when I visited here it felt like I am in a game called assassin’s creed). This Fort is counted as one of UNESCO world heritage site.



Fatehpur Sikri

This beautiful ancient city was the short-lived capital of the great Mughal empire. There are many great mosques in this city it was also called an indo-Islamic masterpiece. This city was abandoned as the capital because of lack of water. It is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites, this 500-year-old ghost town has a lot of beautiful ancient buildings. Anyone who wishes to explore the Mughal architecture should definitely visit Fatehpur Sikri.



Mehtab Bagh

This Persian style square shaped garden is known as the heaven for the photographers because one can capture some of the best shots of the taj mahal from this place. It is located just behind the taj mahal, it was said that Shah Jahan chose the current location of the taj mahal in order to get a clear view of this garden. For capturing some of the most memorable shots you should definitely add this one to your tour.



Chini ka Roza

This one is a different styled Mughal era building. The inlay works in this building have various different colors that aren’t typically utilized in the Mughal architecture like green, orange, yellow and turquoise. Inside this tomb, one can see the inscriptions of the Quran. Not a lot of people visit this monument but it is an ideal example of the long gone design and styles. You can visit this tomb for free and the entrance is open throughout the day.


Taj nature walk

If you love animals or birds in particular then the taj nature walk is just the thing for you. You can spot many different bird species in here. There aren’t that many animals but it is the right place if you want to have some quiet time away from the crowd and pollution.Itmad-ud-daula is yet another cool place to visit in Agra but I have not gone there during my visit so I can’t say too much about it.

Well, that’s all these are the places you can and should visit during your Agra tour.

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