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Art & Culture of India

India showcases a wide range of landscape, from one point to the previous. It is possibly the singular country which seems to exist in several eras and periods at the same time. It’s a country that has combined its amazing past with its modern-day advancements. And it is motivating to note that the elements of the classic and the fashionable have still retained their distinctive charm, proving a big draw for tourists and travellers from the globe over.

India the colourful and vivacious land is as miscellaneous as its people. The mosaic of art and culture, the potpourri of institution, India stands as one of the oldest living development which has offered to the rest of the globe the elemental sound ‘Aum,’ the concept of zero and the affluence of yoga. A treasure of art and culture, India is just not a land but the warehouse of beauty, dream, institution and verve.

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India is an assorted mix of a variety of religions and languages. The diversity, that at the same time exemplifies a dramatic unity, is a magnet for tourists. There are plentiful sights and sounds to experience and soak up.

Expression of Artistic Capabilities

Detail statue at Khajuraho India sets forth a diversity of art form to make the globe aware of her sentiments and thoughts. The skills and crafts have been better and handed down age group after generation. A lot of credit goes to the decision elite as well. The kings and maharajas of yore supported the art forms extremely and that’s why ancient creative capabilities are able to breathe even today.

The foreign invaders including the Persians, Romans, Arabs, Europeans and the Mughals had a great impact on the origin and development of diverse art forms. The invaders brought with them numerous habits that did incorporate with the existing art forms. Subsequently, newer varieties of art and craft came into being.

Indian Culture

Indian Culture Reaching Out to the World

Even in this violently competitive age of science and knowledge, India continues to be a worldwide destination in terms of arts and culture. The country has in practice countless customs and languages to make the globe aware of its culture. Every part of India – north, south, west and east – lures tourists due to its characteristic identity. Inspire of all this variety, the country seems to be at its pleasant-sounding best and this happens due to its ordinary history.

The demonstration of India art can be noticed in the form of:


Indian Crafts: Since the remote past, Indian art and craft has been illustrious as an impressive form of appearance. Indian craft has been documented for its sheer aesthetic appeal and practical value. India has the maximum variety of crafts anywhere in the globe. The innovative artisan conduct of Indian craft showcase the wide canvas of creative activity whilst means of communication the spectrum of expansion in India.


Indian Dances: Dance in India has a wealthy history. The cadence of Indian dance has weaved the thread of the supernatural in the midst of its motion, poise, beauty and feeling. It is through the grace of group, amidst the elegant motion of Indian dance ‘freedom finds its image while dreams their forms’. The spiritual aura in Indian dance adds to the attraction of its beauty and elegance whilst mirroring its copious institution in India.

Indian Festivals: Colourful and vivacious India is indeed an artist’s composition with every shade of tone redefining the other while complimenting its beauty. The sound of the bells in some very old temple, the chants at the holy Ghats, the sacred ambience of the imposing mosques, the tolling of the church bells typify the religious harmony in India while delineating the frame of mind of festivals in India.



Monuments of India: Incredible India is dotted with exceptional monuments each showcasing the unlikely artistic work and architecture. Some without equal monuments that form an essential part of Indian historical heritage are the essence of endless love – Taj Mahal, the axis of Islam – Qutub Minar, the Chariot temple of the Sun God – Konark, the magnificent cave-land of Lord Shiva – Elephanta; and the cave site of numerous Chaityas and Viharas-Ajanta. Not just the architectural guess, each tombstone amidst its mystery, intrigue and romance breathes the size of the bygone days whilst mirroring the timeline of the Oriental heritage, people and history.


Indian Paintings: Painting in India has evolved from the hinterlands and has remained eternal in the annals of history. India consequently can be best silhouetted amidst the vast, unique and diverse Indian paintings which with their sheer vitality and artistry glass case the classical stylishness of India. Painting in India therefore remains as the mode of expressing the blamelessness of art and beauty.


Indian Sculptures: Sculpture of India has its ancestry from the planet’s oldest Indus Valley Civilization to internationally celebrated modern statue art influenced by regal culture. Magnificence, spirituality, religion and elegance define sculpture of India. The very brightness and finesse of Indian sculpture murmurs the tales of the most civilised history while representative the eroticism and religion, the mysticism and fervour of Indian art form.

India is the crib of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the huge grandmother of tradition. Our most precious and most abstractive materials in the history of man are precious up in India only!


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