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7 different types of biriyani

Biriyani, an evergreen food choice for anyone craving something spicy. It’s heavenly, it’s aromatic and it is one of the most loved foods all around the globe, not just India. The origin of biriyani came to north India from the Mughals. Lucknow the city of Nawabs is one of the best places in India to get the most delicious biriyani.

If you are vegetarian then fear not after a lot of experimenting north Indians also came up with the vegetarian version of the biriyani. Vegetable biriyani is also known as Tehri and is a famous Sunday meal in a lot of north Indian household.

The traditional biriyani can be classified into two different categories pakki and katchi. In the pakki version, half cooked rice is cooked with the cooked meat. While in the katchi biriyani raw meat is cooked along with uncooked rice, meat is marinated in yogurt and spices.

In biriyani recipes the rice and meat are cooked separately unlike the regular pulao, meat and rice are mixed after cooking by forming layers in each vessel.

Biriyani in and on itself is a complete meal, and it is suitable for any occasion. It has many different varieties to please one and all.

Here is the list of 7 different types of biriyani which you should try if you are visiting any north Indian city (particularly Delhi, Hyderabad, and Lucknow).



Hyderabadi biriyani

In Hyderabad alone there are 40 different types of biriyani and one of its signature and the most famous one is the Hyderabadi biriyani. In this biriyani, you will get half boiled rice with the fried onions and mint, cooked dum style and cooked meat. The Hyderabadi biriyani is a treat to relish and it is an excellent choice for a dinner.



Keema biriyani

This particular biriyani is from the south Indian cuisine. This biriyani is a mix of various aromatic spices, minced lamb and crunchy nuts. Keema biriyani is the most mouthwatering mix of minced meat, aromatic spices, rose water and dry fruits which is a complete delight to relish on.



Awadhi mutton Biriyani

It is not biriyani if it’s not cooked in royal style. This one is a classic from the royal Awadhi cuisine. In this biriyani in the middle of the fragrant rice finely chopped mutton pieces are cooked. Marinated mutton, Succulent is slow cooked in the roasted spices to prepare this Biriyani.


Chicken Reshmi Briyani

This one is the most preferred Biriyani by the Muslim families during the Eid festival. you can experience a burst of flavors enveloped in the mix of rice and chicken.



Makhni paneer biriyani

This is one of the vegetarian versions of the biriyani. In this one Local spice and rice are utilized to cook the tender pieces of paneer to perfection. This one has a cool creamy texture and taste. To me, it is a perfect Biriyani recipe for any vegetarian person out there.



Calicut Chicken Biriyani

This authentic Biriyani originated in the city of Calicut. It has a unique blend of spices, chilies, and herbs from the south India which gives off a distinct flavor. Some call it perfect Biriyani.



Scheherazade Biriyani/ fish Biriyani

Different from all the above entries, in this Iranian style biriyani Succulent fish pieces are cooked together with nuts like cashew, raisins, and spices along with the rose water.

Murgh KI Kachchi Briyani, chicken biriyani with coconut milk, Machchli Biriyani, Malabar fish biriyani are some of the other types of Biriyani which any food lover should try at least ones in their lives.

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